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Let OverApptive create your iPhone & Android apps from their customisable template..
be part of the Smartphone revolution!

Why go mobile?

Connecting with new and existing clients, creating instant promotional campaigns and making sure that your marketing messages reach their intended audience has never been easier than with an OverApptive app.


Become part of the Smartphone marketing revolution as they increasingly become the dominant platform from which your clients browse the web, shop and elect to receive exclusive marketing information.

Let OverApptive create your iPhone & Android apps from their customisable template & be part of the Smartphone revolution!

Whether you are using your app for business, media, sport or entertainment, OverApptive helps you connect with your audience and increase your brand awareness, sales and profitability.

Because OverApptive apps take information feeds from your web site, your Twitter feed and your FaceBook pages be assured that the app is always up to date.

By using OverApptive to create your app you can:

  1. Create the perfect mix of menu buttons to fit your needs
  2. Connect with your audience & know you are only one click away from their smartphone
  3. Use your app to find new customers, link to your web site & create increased brand loyalty
  4. Link to e-commerce sites and promote your products and services
  5. Create a unique business card to give your clients that is always up to date
  6. Promote fixtures, gigs and other important annoucements

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The Christophers

Manchester band The Christophers saw the huge potential of mobile marketing and now lead the way being one of the first bands on the local scene to have a free iPhone and Android app allowing their fans to connect and keep up to date with all the latest news, gigs and releases.

Available Features

Choose from the following options...

  • Gigs
  • Media
  • Downloads
  • Public Appearances
  • Gallery
  • CV
  • LinkedIn
  • Club
  • Fixtures
  • Tour
  • Concerts

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